Welcome to AbolitionSocieties.com, a site offering free services to abolitionist societies.


What is abolition?

Abolition refers to a collection of movements, from early Christianity through today, that fight to remove entrenched evils from society by following in the example and power of Jesus Christ.  Earlier abolitionist movements attacked infanticide and slavery, among other things; modern abolition is focused on ending the sin of human abortion.  We abolitionists distinguish ourselves from the Pro-Life movement in that we seek to address the problem biblically and providentially rather than with man-made wisdom and strategies.

For more information, visit Abolish Human Abortion.com.  To find or start a local abolitionist society, check out their societies page.


What can I do here?

At the moment we offer two services.  First, we offer free WordPress web hosting to any abolitionist society that wants a site.  Second, we provide information and registration for A//A conferences.  Soon we hope to provide a third service, a knowledge base (wiki) that will allow societies to share information and ideas among each-other.