Hosting offers free web hosting to abolitionist societies.  This means that your society can have its very own web site at no cost, except the time it takes to set up the appearance and content etc.

Society sites are given a subdomain of our main domain,  So, a website for the Abolitionist Society of Example would have the following URL:

Society sites are created using the powerful content management system known as WordPress.  This software allows non-programmers to easily manage a web site’s content, appearance and functionality without writing a line of code.  More advanced users may however augment the site’s internal structure (through HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL) for more advanced behavior.  By default WordPress is configured as a blog site; however it can be easily changed to act as a normal website – the site you’re reading now is created with WordPress, for example.

If you belong to an abolitionist society that would like some free web hosting, then fill out the following form and we’ll reach out to get you set up :-).


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